A hand building class that spans four weeks typically includes instruction in several different techniques, including pinch, coil, and slab building, as well as basic glazing. During the first week, students may learn the fundamentals of pinch pot construction, which involves creating a vessel by pinching and shaping a ball of clay with your fingers and thumbs. They may also learn how to create more complex forms using pinch techniques, such as adding handles or spouts.

In the second week, the focus may shift to coil building. Students will learn how to roll out long, thin ropes of clay and then layer them on top of each other to create a form. They may learn how to create a variety of shapes using coils, such as cylinders, bowls, and vases.

In the third week, the focus may be on slab construction. Students will learn how to roll out flat sheets of clay and then cut and shape them to create a form. They may learn how to create more complex structures using slabs, such as boxes or multi-sided vessels.

Throughout the class, students will also learn basic glazing techniques, such as how to apply glaze to their finished pieces and how to fire them in a kiln. They may experiment with different types of glaze and learn how to create different effects with color and texture.

By the end of the four-week class, students should have a good understanding of the basic techniques of hand building, as well as experience creating functional and decorative pieces using those techniques.

**Classes may not follow exact description each week.


  • Desire to have fun and learn
  • Able to lift 25 pounds of clay

Class Dates

Saturday 10 am – 12 am