Kiln Firings

Need items bisque or glazed? We can help with that.

Bring your items to 4111- C Rose Lake Drive, Charlotte NC 28217.

Medium Kiln

Full Kiln: $45.00  / Half Kiln: $35.00  / Full Shelf: $15.00

Large Kiln

Cone 04 to 06 (Low Fire)

Full Kiln: $60.00 / Half Kiln: $45.00 / Full Shelf: $25.00

**We will try to have your work ready as quickly as possible, but we will not fire the kiln until it is fully loaded. If you are in a hurry, you can purchase a full firing and we will load the kiln as soon as it becomes available, even if you do not have a full load of work.

**For glaze runs, a fee of $15 per shelf will be applied to cover the cost of grinding and re-patching the shelf.

Note: We WILL NOT fire work resisted with “Gulf Wax” or hot canning wax, where the piece is dipped. This process creates a thick wax layer that produces noxious fumes and harms the elements in our kiln when it burns off. We always recommend using cold wax resist, formulated for brushing.