Something for everyone

Whether you want to commit to a 6 week course, or just unwind on a Friday night, the village will have an event for you.

Friday Night BYOB

Come unwind on Friday evenings with the Village. Join us for a night of music and hand building along with your own beverage of choice. This evening is for 18+ and meant to be a time to relax, get creative and kick off the weekend! Click below to learn more and sign up for a Friday evening event!

Mom’s Clay Day

We see you, Mom!  Balancing work, children, the household and community. Finding time for yourself can be difficult especially with younger children. The Village is partnering with HoneyDip Kids to provide you with a break. 

The children can enjoy lunch and themselves at Yorkmount Park (6417 Vickers Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217), while you spend 2 hours unleashing your inner artist.  Honey Dip is an experience childcare provider. Make anything you want with the clay provided. We will be hand building with the provided clay, tools, and instructions needed.  Each session is for 1.5 to 2 hours long and we ask that you wear something comfort that you don’t mind getting dirty.