Welcome to the advanced pottery class! In this class, we will challenge your skills as a potter and introduce you to more advanced techniques and forms.

We will explore sectional throwing, which involves throwing and joining multiple sections together to create larger forms. This technique will allow you to create even larger and more complex forms, such as vases and urns. Typically, this type of throwing may include 8-10lbs of clay. This will require more strength and control, as well as a deeper understanding of clay properties.

We will be creating dinner sets and tea sets, which will require a consistent aesthetic and attention to detail. This will include working on matching forms, glazes, and decorations, as well as exploring different firing techniques to achieve the desired effects.

Another exciting form we will explore is the moon jar, a traditional Korean form that involves joining two hemispherical forms together to create a large, rounded jar. This will challenge your skills in throwing, shaping, and joining clay.

In addition to exploring new forms and techniques, we will also delve into making your own glazes. You will learn about the properties of different types of glazes and how to create your own unique glaze recipes.

Classes will meet every other week for instruction, and you will have ample time to work on your projects in between classes.

By the end of this class, you will have expanded your knowledge and skills as a potter and be able to create sophisticated and complex pieces with confidence.

First Class is Sept 6 @ 6pm – 9


  • Intermediate Course
  • Able to lift 25 pounds of clay


  • Handling 8 – 10lbs
  • Sectional Throwing
  • Moon Jars
  • Making Glaze (material included)
  • Narrow Necks


  • Dinner Sets
  • Tea Pot Set
  • Lamps

Lab Hours

  • 8 Hours weekly

Advance Wheel Course – $500

12 Week Advance wheel course $500

Billing Address (optional)

Class Dates

Class does not meet weeklyWednsday nights from 6 to 9 pm

Fall 2023

  • September 13 – December 13

Winter 2024

  • January 10 – March 30

Spring 2024

  • April 3 – June 22